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There is a misconception that military gear are only for military personnel. This is strictly not true. They are not just for military officials; civilians too can use the military gear in their regular life.

Army gear ,

There are several number of military gear such as sunglasses, binoculars, knives, night vision glasses, pouches, etc. Different gears have different use, it depends upon the tool, either the tool you have bought is useful for you or not.

Everybody loves to wear sunglasses and especially those that are designed for the military. Military sunglasses are made up of durable and high-quality material. They can be used against wind, snow and dust. People like motorist and bicyclist can highly benefit from these sunglasses.

Rainwear is a major need for those who live in rainy climates, tactical rainwear that are an issue to  United States servicemen could be a great opportunity. They are available in various camouflage designs and print. You can purchase some quality rainwear and style yourself military style in the rainy season.

There is a prime need for gloves if you live in cold climates. You can buy durable and high-quality gloves as they are thicker and warmer than usual gloves. If you are an avid camper and hunter, who loves to go out during cold weather can purchase these gloves.

Camouflage wear are the major thing whenever we talk about military gear. Military clothes are always a trending fashion. There are many different types of clothing available such as thermals, combat jackets and trousers. You can see celebrity love towards army clothes. These Military wear are very comfortable and easy to wash kind of clothes. Military clothes are the perfect buy for the people who love hunting and camping.

Out of all the army wear, T-shirts is the most popular choice for all the seasons. You can simply wear over denim in summers and under a jacket during winter to give yourself a cool look. There are variety of t-shirts available in the both camouflage as well as in plain print.

Adventurous people like skiers and hikers like to wear coats. They are made up of more durable and thicker material as they provide much-needed warmth skiers want.

Military gear come in different styles, and the above is only a basic overview. Other than these clothes mentioned above, there are many more clothes that are out there in the market and are very popular amongst the youth. Now it is clear that military gear are not only worn by military personnel. Next time when you are going out for hunting, purchase some military clothing to suit yourself in military style.

9 Military Equipment You Must Have For Mission

Being a man of the Armed Forces, you have to be prepared to face every sort of challenge. Within few minutes of receiving orders from your superior, you are found on your duty/workstation that may be water, land or air. So, equip yourself with the following belongings and be ready to face whatever comes by the way.

  1. Compass

Sometimes, you will be in the place where you may not find the sunlight as well as the stars, your will have to accomplish your mission. In this situation, a handy compass will be the only help for you to find directions and move ahead.

compass Army geer

  1. EyeWear and Face Mask

Today war is rarely fought between soldiers; rather it is an NBC warfare era. So, protect yourself from chemical attacks by using a good quality face mask and eyewear. Be aware that these items are available in various qualities and you must go for the best one.


3. Night Vision Pince-nez

Your work is rigorous, and you are not in a position to stop or avoid it whether it is a day, night or any adverse weather condition in which nothing is visible. You may take advantage of night vision pince-nez (binoculars) and proceed to be a winner.


  1. Fire-starters

Fire is the most important item the ancient human being invented and used. They protected themselves from wild animals, warmed their house and used it for cooking. As an active member of the Armed Forces, you may use fire to survive in cold weather, heat your food, etc. So, carry a fire-starter while proceeding on the mission.


  1. Knife

Knife is the most inevitable and multi-purpose item. Have a good one made of stainless steel or titanium?


  1. Camouflage Dress

Camouflage dress used in combat conditions keeps you hidden in the surroundings. You are at the liberty to work smarter and achieve your aim.


  1. Gesticulate Equipment

Sometimes all the networks and high-tech equipment prove to be useless when are in an adverse terrain. So, keep gesticulate equipment like mirrors, strobe lights or flares so that you may use them in an emergency.


  1. Weapons & Accessories

Your weapons and related accessories are a must with you before you leave for your mission. So, keep them ready to use but in safe condition at all times.


9: Lock Picks

This may sound strange, but it will give you access to almost any house or motor vehicle. It is quite small and easy to carry but very useful.


Know The Multicam Uniform Of Soldiers

The soldiers of the US Army deployed in Afghanistan and the Middle East wear MultiCam as the official military uniform. Similar to other military uniforms, the use of the MultiCam uniform has specific rules and regulations to improve battle-readiness and discipline.


Multicam Uniform, Army geer ,
                                                                       Battle Dress Uniform By TruSpec


The main aim of the MultiCam uniform regulation (as well as other/similar common uniforms) is for the interpretation, evaluation, development, and revision of acceptable military uniform and dress codes that creates the uniformity and unique image of the U.S. Army units.

Here are a few facts you must know regarding general military-issue regulations of the MultiCam uniform:

1. MultiCam Trousers

MultiCam trousers are held up by a two-inch nylon web belt and have Velcro pouches intended to accommodate knee pads. The trousers are tucked into the top of boots and secured by the string at their bottom ends. These trousers are made of flame resistant material.

2. MultiCam Jacket

The MultiCam jacket has embroidered rank insignia of soldiers which is 2 inches in height and 1-3/4 inches wide. It is worn between loop-face pad and front hook of the MultiCam jacket. The background of the rank insignia always matches the background of the name tape.

The right shoulder pocket flap of the MultiCam jacket has the US flag patch. The jacket’s sleeves are strictly worn down at all times.

3. MultiCam Headgear

The headgear of the MultiCam uniform of the US Army Soldiers is a patrol cap, Advanced Combat Helmet, a fleece hat (for cold weather), and Boonie hat. The green micro fleece cap is used in the field and garrison outside of unit patrols.

4. MultiCam Undershirt

MultiCam military uniform is worn with a cotton tan t-shirt. It is worn underneath the coat and tucked inside the trousers. When the soldiers go for special training, they wear cotton foliage-green t-shirt, the instructors wear Black t-shirts.

5. MultiCam Boots

The combat boots for MultiCam is made of cattle hide leather and has a plain toe. The boots are diagonally laced using tan laces.

The Mountain Combat Boot is provided for tough terrain and extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots for walking on snow and ice.


The discipline and valor of US soldiers are reflected in all walks of daily life. Be it talking, working or taking a rest, the soldier’s discipline never goes down. They show it by every action that they are committed to their motive and achieve that at any cost. When it comes to uniform, it is the most effective communication a soldier reflects without opening his or her mouth. It presents his courage, readiness and preparedness for his motive or aim. It shows how and up to what extent he can go for accomplishing the task, he or she is assigned to.

This is the reason a smart and well-groomed appearance of a soldier is a must and it provides the pride and team-spirit to all other citizens.

The Ultimate Battle Dress Uniform For Combat

For a long time, the battle dress uniform was worn by combatant personnel of the US army only. Later it was adopted by the  Air Force and Navy as well.

Army Combat Uniform, Army Gear , Army Combat Shirt

The battle dress uniform has a specialized look and appearance. It is made to be worn at the time of war. It is camouflage in color and quite different from those worn by the same army personnel at the time of ceremonial occasions such as a parade, attending other functions such as receiving and seeing of VIPs, etc.

The battle dress uniform is made of nylon and cotton blend twill cloth. It consists of brown, green, tan and black colors. The cloth used during World War I and II by soldiers or combatant personnel was heavy and not so comfortable. But efforts have been made to make the cloth light and comfortable.

As the name suggests, the battle dress uniform is worn by the combatant personnel of defense forces during war and war practices. Its use for common purposes has been highly criticized. The main point has been the discomfort while wearing this sort of uniform. It has been experienced over the time that the battle dress uniform is heavy, it absorbs heat, retains the sweat of your body. The print and color also vanishes after a few washes. Prolonged use of this type of uniform caused skin disease and inflammatory sensations in the groin and thighs. Till now, many efforts has been taken to make this uniform of lightweight and comfort.

The modern day battle dress uniform is known as Army Combat Uniform (ACU). It is more comfortable and durable than the earlier cloth of the same pattern and look. These uniforms are chemically treated to prevent various diseases like malaria. It is flame resistant. There are some changes in the pattern that was available in old battle dress uniform. It is made in camouflage pattern: a blend of gray, tan and green and foliage green colors. These improvements to the combat uniforms have been made for more comfort, increased protection and the higher level of integration with personal protective equipment, thus allowing the combatant soldiers to more effectively perform their duties wherever deployed.

One of the most important features of the battle dress uniforms is that you don’t wear your decorations, medals, ribbons, skill badges, etc. on the camouflage or battle uniform. What the combatant soldiers wear is only their name tapes. The constituents of this sort of uniform are jacket, pants, belts, head gears/caps and black shoes/boots with socks.

It is the matter of fact that the combat uniforms worn by combatant soldiers is of a versatile design that empowers them with ultimate concealment in urban, desert, and woodland environments. It prevents them from enemy eyes and helps in the accomplishment of their missions with ease and without fear of getting noticed. It has been mandatory for all the combatant soldiers to wear combatant uniforms in all the units whether they are in active service or reserve or as a national guard.

The uniforms worn by combatant soldiers always work as catalyst and fascinating to the general masses, and you may find several civilians wearing combat uniform in their daily as well as ceremonial use.

Enhancement in Army Gear

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Army Gear

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3 Types of Military Backpacks Liked by Civilians

Backpacks are an essential part of the army uniform. It is seen to be kept by almost all army personnel. It has high utility for them. Seeing the backpack always used by army personnel, civilians also started using it, and now it is a part of the uniform of all civilians too.

Military Backpack

Selecting a good and suitable backpack may pose a little problem for you, as there are many things to be considered while finding and buying a good backpack. No doubt you would like to have a backpack of high quality and resistant pack but also if offers other functions. Here are a few tips for you:

  1. The 3 Day Pack

The 3-day military backpack is most suitable for soldiers preferring durability. It is easily carried in the journey as it has removable waist strap, adjustable padded shoulder straps; heavy duty carry handle, adjustable sternum strap, etc. and you can easily carry it for a long distance. The price is affordable and very reasonable.

  1. The Bugout Bag

If you wish to have a military backpack with additional features and benefits, then your choice would be the Bugout Bag. Available in different models and colors and having a theme of the original design, these type of backpack have three patterns: ABU, ACU, and Multicam. These are suitable for general travelers and not for soldiers.

This bag has expandable main compartment and internal frame. Additionally, it has rugged and abrasion-resistant exterior, well-designed panel organization with Molle and Pals panels, tuck away shoulder harness, padded waist belt, etc. In this backpack, you can accommodate a lot of articles separately as this backpack is equipped with many zippered pockets and open slots.  This may be suitable for soldiers only during war-practices.

  1.  The Sling Backpack

For performing military duties in the day to day life, you can have this sling backpack. It is suitable for all your needs. It is equipped with a great design as well as function. Most of the soldiers have it because of large space and other necessary features.

The most important features are that, this type of bag has padded back, external pockets, mobile phone case, quick-release single strap, compression straps, and carry handle. This backpack has attractive ACU pattern camouflage properties.

If you are a civilian i.e. a non-uniform personnel and your job involves frequent journeys, you can buy any of the above-stated bags. There are numerous colors and designs to attract your eyes and provide you comfort.